Thursday, December 15

Update: A Time For New Sets

We've been busy here in the I Have Your Heart studios! Everything is powering along and it's a wonderful to see so much progress. We've completed animation on a lot of shots now, including some of the trickiest scenes in the film.

But now shooting has stopped for a few days while we turn over to new setups. It feels a bit sad to be packing down our first sets, but it's very exciting to be building new ones. We've finished with the mansion, the street, the surgery... and now it's onward to the docks and the garden.



One of the main reasons we have been able to ramp up the production is the new team of amazingly dedicated people who have joined us on the project.

Murray Lorden is our project manager, lending his formidable skills and good humor to the logistical challenge of keeping the film on track.

It's business time.
Lauren Beck and Claire James have been helping with the endless amounts of cutting and construction that are required to build this paper world of ours.

Lauren lending her crafty assistance to the shipyards.

Brendan Barnett is the talented animator who worked with me on Monkey & Sardine, and we're lucky enough to have him helping out with some of the more complex shots.

As you can see, Brendan is a method animator, acting out the action.

Joe Muecke has put a huge amount of time and enthusiasm into the production, and given that he dresses like a sailor and drinks rum on the job, it's no accident that he's been in charge of the shipyards, building paper boats.

Ben Batt is a master of the miniature structural engineering required to make our puppets, and has been very busy constructing our characters.

An example of Ben's precision handiwork.

Joel Loxton is a fellow filmmaker who has been lending a hand with lighting & camera setups, and even got roped into constructing a few buildings for the docks. He has a great eye, and his technical know-how has been a great help.

Joel and I prepping for the first shot.

I'll finish this post the same way many of my long nights animating end, with a beautiful sunrise above the studio.



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